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So ever since MooSe’s wife got sick and then my nephew hung himself I have had this growing sense of foreboding.  This anxiety that seems to come from nowhere and it has generally sapped my motivation. Last night, the diversion provided by the after-taste of In & Out has added to the anxiety with a feeling of impending doom which is new.

Thanfully, I have a weight training class in about 10 minutes to take my mind off of things and I will walk the bleachers on the way to class to drive my brain to motivate. Or that is the plan. Conversely, she liked the funny blog which makes me do little happy dances and will surely lead me to dance my way to class in a few minutes. Stoned and working out……

On the way to the class Cheek walked up and we walked to class happy and baked. In class I started with the dumbbells and did 10 sets of 10 instead of the normal 6. Ouch. But I can feel the difference in my body and when working out. But the machine reverse press is taking the hit as I have only done 6 reps of 10 and only 3.5 of them were at 110lbs. The others were at a lighter weight. Depression. Self hug. Hey, you have muscles dude. No shit.


I spent most of yesterday in thr shell shocked confusion that you can only comprehend if you have seen a friend take their last breath.  I spent it with my friend MooSe, by his side as they removed the life support from her yesterday afternoon after he fulfilled her wishes.

I spent the evening and night sitting my own form of shiva with Thea’s family sitting around a fire in the back yard smoking marijuana and reveling in each others presence and communing in our shared emotions.

Then this morning as we awoke from our slumber, we all slowly assembled and greeted each other.  We comforted each other and communed over coffee, macaroons and marijuana.

Then a trip to Denny’s where the food was exactly what you’d expect and service that was subpar even for a Denny’s. This was more then made up for in the fellowship and the camaraderie and that is as good as chicken soup or a joint for the soul.  Rest in peace Thea.