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So we packed all the kids in the Escape and drove to San Francisco and it was a pleasant drive really and it turned out to be an awesome day in San Francisco.  It was about 75 degrees at the ocean partly cloudy.


These pictures are taken across the street from my father in-law’s house on the Lower Great Highway in San Francisco.


The ice plant, a succulant, is used for erosion control and its in full bloom. Smile


I stood on top of the dunes and spun in a circle taking pictures.


The air is so clean and fresh, the wind and noise of the ocean drown out all the other sounds.


It’s peaceful.




The amazing city of SF in the background.


If you look closely you can see the ‘red’ and ‘yellow’ house on the beach where my father-in law lives.


More of the city.


Two people having sex.  Oops.  Yep.


Oh, they get to loving long time. Surprised smile


Kethry drew this map which she says shows the way to Grandpa’s house.  The lower purple shaded area is our town with the yellow section being our house and the violet section being Grandma Crystal’s house.  The green squiggle are the mountains on the way to SF and the green circle is treasure island with the bridge to San Francisco. Finally the purple circle inside the yellow shaded area is Grandpa’s house.  I think Kethry is trying to tell me she wants to go visit her grandfather in San Francisco. Smile

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Grandpa’s House