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Kethry’s Artwork

I am always amazed by Kethry’s artwork and her summer camp experience was to spend two weeks at the Crocker Art Gallery in downtown Sacramento, the capital of California.  The summer camp focused on nurturing her love of all things art and she has a talent and a skill that I could only dream of and which she inherited from her mother and shares with her Aunt Jessica.  I had forgotten about the camp, not soon after it ended and found this book upon the kitchen table.  The pictures barely do the drawings justice and your background music should be Chop Suey by System of a Down.

This is the cover of the book she made.

Back of the front cover.

First page.

Second page.

Third page.

Fourth page.

Fifth page.

Sixth Page.

Seventh page.

Unfinished eighth page.

Unfinished ninth page.

There were four completely blank pages including the inside of the back cover.

The back cover.  We let Kethry dye her hair using Kool-Ade.  Purple and red which she seems enamored with as most of her artwork and drawings feature women with red or purple hair.

So it has been more then two years since the last time we saw each other and we didn’t part on the best of terms but deep down, I never thought that our not speaking would last this long.  In the last 23 years, when you were on vacation was the longest stretch of time and that was only because I was living halfway across the continent in St. Louis.  So much has happened in the interval, so many times that I wished that I could talk to you about it.  I mean over those years you and I have shared so much and you have been such an integral part of my life.

Cassidy died a few years ago and Jerre isn’t doing so well and I was sure she was going to go last weekend.  She could have gone already for all I know.  I have friends but none that I will ever be as close to as I am you.  We have stood by each other through the good, the bad and the ugly in the past and this time things got all fucked up and emotions and hurt feelings led to anger and suddenly I hear Yoda….

Kethry asked about you on her birthday when we went to incredible John’s Pizza and for the rest of the night, my mind was trying to find a plan, a way to get to run in to you so we could talk.  I figured once time had passed we would be able to work things out.  I had such hope and excitement when I saw your truck parked in the driveway, because it created the opportunity only to have it dissipate as I missed you by like a half an hour.

See, I can’t help myself, I see something funny, read something interesting or watch something on tv and it reminds me of a conversation that we had in the past and suddenly I want to talk to you.  Then, as the reality of how lonely I feel without my best friend and I wonder if you feel the same way, if or how often you wish we were still that close and still best friends.  See, regardless of what transpired that night, I know that I have always been a good friend to you and my presence there was continuing that task.

When your truck appeared Rachel said you were moving somewhere in Nevada and when your truck disappeared, I assume you came and have now left California?  I would love to hear from you sometime.  My number is the same and while I know your number hasn’t changed, I texted you once and never got a response, when you returned my stuff.  I guess the lack of any reply or any kind of response should tell me all that I need to know, it definitely speaks volumes that you left your truck at Rachel’s and didn’t contact me at all.

I can’t and won’t change who I am, so I will continue to have random moments when I wish I could talk to you, I realize that’s love and that the silence is your choice and not mine.  Maybe one day while we are both living, something will bring us together.  Until then, I will just avoid the full moon 🌙 which always awakens the lunacy.


So I really miss Haplo and Kethry.


And the last time I saw them was for Haplo’s birthday party which was only two weeks ago but feels like an eternity.


Oh Starbucks!  so blatantly cheating on Apple with a prostitute.  Google is a sexy bitch!  You almost got me because Google Music works on my Android device.  I know, because I already have it and it’s so sexy I almost signed up again.

The 2011 Sacramento Reptile Show is being held once again at the Sacramento Convention Center and is officially sponsored this year by PET’SMART.  The really cool part about this show is that if you visit Upscale Reptiles website, they have a coupon for $1 off a ticket for admission.  PET’SMART has a special coupon for $3 off the price of admission and is good for up to four tickets per coupon.  The show runs Saturday, October 29, 2011 10am until 5pm through Sunday October 30, 2011  10am until 4pm.  Besides vendors selling animals, there are private collections on display of amazingly healthy captive exotics from alligators to Sulcata tortoises.  Admission is $12 for 13 and older, 6 to 12 year cost $8 and children 5 and under are free.  The box office only accepts cash!


I am really baffled by the reality that in this modern age that a city owned venue like the Sacramento Convention Center would only accept cash at their box office.  Especially considering that the ATM in the lobby of the venue charges $5 per transaction to get cash.  There is a bank located at the end of the block diagonally opposite the Box Office that has an ATM that only charges $3 and there is a Credit Union located across the street from the Box Office.


Today was just not my day for being financially savvy as I seemed to make several mistakes that will cost me between $10 and $15 in regards to this show.  The first was not noticing the credit union across the street and using the bank ATM that charged me $3 in fees.  Patelco, the credit union I use instead of a bank will also charge me a small feel as well has reciprocal agreements with most other Credit Unions to share their ATMs fee free.  Add to that Kethry is 5 and I paid for a child ticket for her.  Rachel got me a PET’SMART Discount coupon so the total cost of the entry was $19, I paid an additonal $5 for Kethry.  Actually, I do not mind this really as in this case the ticket price goes to help Upscale Reptiles pay for the use of the Venue.  Since I love the show, I don’t mind paying for it really, I just hate the mindless bank fees.


So Rachel, got in for free since she is actually working the PET’SMART booth at the show.  The three of us, Haplo, Kethry and I all won small Kritter Keepers on the Prize Wheel!  We walked around looking and the show is dominated by Snakes and Tarantulas with a healthy assortment of lizards and turtles thrown in.  There were some frogs, but not nearly enough for this Frog Lover.  I did manage to score 3 tiny, baby Red Eye Tree Frogs.


So here is one of the Red Eye Tree Frogs I purchased, the penny was inserted to give you an idea of just how small they are.  They had albino ones but the price difference was just too much to justify purchasing them considering that I have had husbandry issues in the past and lost all the frogs in a colony.


This species of frog is nocturnal and they really do only wake at night, when most of the lights are out.  They live in the canopy of the rain forest where they hunt insects.  Their Agalychnis callidryas translates to Beautiful Tree Nymph which really is befitting I think.


I like this picture the best because you can see how they tuck themselves up in to a little ‘wad’ and sleep on the underside of leaves.  In this way most people would walk right past them without realizing they were there since they blend in with the underside of the leaf.


Finally, Haplo wanted an Emperor Scorpion and we have always made him wait because these creatures have a stinger and they can and will use it.  Haplo will turn 9 this year and he has come a long way in the last two years when it comes to taking care of his pets.   This will be the first real pet other then fish and roaches that we have allowed him to have on his own.  This isn’t the greatest picture and I will try and get a better one to replace this one with.

All in all it was a good show although I can tell that Chantix has a serious effect on my patience and on my anger threshold.  It really put me in a foul mood that the ATM’s wanted to charge such fees and I almost opted to just come home.  I realized that was a bit over the top reaction and how it would place all of it on Haplo and Kethry who really wanted to go to the show.  When I started to think about it, I really couldn’t understand why I was so upset to begin with and at the same time the craving for a cigarette hit like the munchies when going to an all you can eat buffet at 4:30pm.

Later, when Haplo wandered away and I was unable to locate him, I again noticed myself getting extremely angry over nothing and had to think about why I was getting so angry and how I was going to deal with it.  I think the next time we go I am going to make sure he has a Walky Talky or something like that so that we can communicate when he walks away.  I can’t really get upset with him for it because I did it when I was a kid and I usually left it up to my parents to find me.  The fruit really doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Sadly, it is times like these, when I have these realizations that I so wish that I could call my Dad on the phone or sit down and drink a beer with him and talk about it.  So that I could thank him for helping me to become the man I am and for not giving up on me when things got difficult like he could have.  I know I will probably never get to talk to him again or see him again but it doesn’t make me desire it any less.