So I was gifted some Sunnyside Farms Chocolate milk and who turns down chocolate milk? I was looking at the bottle and realized it had a long ass ingredients list for chocolate milk. I mean chocolate, sugar and milk right? Not in the modern world. Ingredients are listed as milk, sugar, nonfat dry milk, cocoa (processed with akalai), salt, carrgeenan, artificial flavor, vitamin D3. Wtf?


Keep in mind that most of the nutritional information on modern product packaging is there thanks to those crazy Californians. We have required caloric information on menus at eateries for more then a decade.

In my law class this semestet I learned why those seemingly bizarre warnings are stamped on poducts like a saw that says warning spinning blade can cut you. It is because someone said they didn’t know and sued and the company settled without admitting fault and began adding that warning.


I remember when the dairies in California rejected rbst and began labelling their products and they were sued and forced to put the statements about rbst in the small print by the people who make rbst.

Back to the topic what the hell is up with those ingredients?  Maybe it ia not our foos choices like milk or evwn chocolate milk that is the problem. Maybe it is the added ingredients that are the culprits. The makers of aspartame won permission from the usda to not have to label chocolate milk they put it in any differently then regular chocolate milk like the one above. Dangerous move and potentially fatal and when it happens more then likely they will hide behind the USDA rules that they themselves pushed for or let the dairies pay for it alone.

Note: This was written back in May and it got saved as a draft when I published it.