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There was this guy sitting in Starbucks and he was getting frustrated trying to install Office 2013 on his new Windows 8 Lenovo notebook. He had purchased both at Fry’s Electronics. The confusion came from the fact that Lenovo installed Office 2010 and it asks for a key and will accepy the 2013 key but it wony work.  You have to uninstall the 2010 preload. So I helped him get everything setup and found out he also goes to American River College.

I wondet how this would have turned out if I had not of helped him. This should not happen and Microsoft should work with OEMs to ensure that it doesn’t.  Morw then likely the purchaser would try to return it and be denied a refund. Then they would eat the cost.



For some odd reason Windows 8 will not let me login without a network connection. If I hibernate or put the notebook to sleep it works fine but if I reboot it will not login. I was trying to fix it and accidentally disabled the network card and rebooted trying to get wifi to work. Now I am screwed. Thanks Microsoft.