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Kethry’s Artwork

I am always amazed by Kethry’s artwork and her summer camp experience was to spend two weeks at the Crocker Art Gallery in downtown Sacramento, the capital of California.  The summer camp focused on nurturing her love of all things art and she has a talent and a skill that I could only dream of and which she inherited from her mother and shares with her Aunt Jessica.  I had forgotten about the camp, not soon after it ended and found this book upon the kitchen table.  The pictures barely do the drawings justice and your background music should be Chop Suey by System of a Down.

This is the cover of the book she made.

Back of the front cover.

First page.

Second page.

Third page.

Fourth page.

Fifth page.

Sixth Page.

Seventh page.

Unfinished eighth page.

Unfinished ninth page.

There were four completely blank pages including the inside of the back cover.

The back cover.  We let Kethry dye her hair using Kool-Ade.  Purple and red which she seems enamored with as most of her artwork and drawings feature women with red or purple hair.

So one of the things I always had from my party days was what they refer to as candy.  I wasn’t a “Candy Kid,” I just had a bracelet or two of brightly colored bead jewelry.


This bracelet came to Kethry and she gave it to me and it was too tight but now with my weightloss it fits more comfortably.  She was excited when she saw me wearing it.


She is just simply scrumptious, truly scrumptious and when I look at her I can truly understand that ear worm Sweet Child Of Mine…..  I picked her up and was holding her in my arms and because of my weight training and physical fitness regiment over the last 6 months, she was light.  She lamented that soon she would be too big for this but that it was ok for now.  My heart was like that first chocolate bunny clutched in your child’s death grip, where the solid milk chocolate is quickly losing its solidity and becoming a fluid. Yes, my heart melted as she said this and smiled at me, looking through her lashes.  She knows how to work it, how to wrap daddy around her finger.


So last night, I went over to MooSe’s and hung out with him for a bit.  Three of us played dominoes, which I had not done in 30 years.  It was awesome fun and reminded me of some of those long days in the group home playing.


So the end of summer is nigh.  It rained yesterday and today there was snow on the tops of the Sierra mountains. Haplo and Kethry were playing outside, Kethry was writing a song called Zombies Get off my lawn. Haplo was annoying her and commenting on the smell of the neighbor’s bbq……


So I really miss Haplo and Kethry.


And the last time I saw them was for Haplo’s birthday party which was only two weeks ago but feels like an eternity.


Kethry got her face painted and a green balloon poodle. I love my little princess.


Today I had to pick Kethry up from school and it made me sad and angry at the same time but she was a trooper through it all. She gets that from me.

So, I decided I wanted to move all my old blog posts about Haplo and stuff to one location and consolidate it with my old Windows Live Blog evicted to WordPress.  I am not sure I will post regularly or that I will have interesting things to post about.  So to celebrate, here’s a music video from a Southern Rock band called Rehab.