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I spent most of yesterday in thr shell shocked confusion that you can only comprehend if you have seen a friend take their last breath.  I spent it with my friend MooSe, by his side as they removed the life support from her yesterday afternoon after he fulfilled her wishes.

I spent the evening and night sitting my own form of shiva with Thea’s family sitting around a fire in the back yard smoking marijuana and reveling in each others presence and communing in our shared emotions.

Then this morning as we awoke from our slumber, we all slowly assembled and greeted each other.  We comforted each other and communed over coffee, macaroons and marijuana.

Then a trip to Denny’s where the food was exactly what you’d expect and service that was subpar even for a Denny’s. This was more then made up for in the fellowship and the camaraderie and that is as good as chicken soup or a joint for the soul.  Rest in peace Thea.

So one of the things I always had from my party days was what they refer to as candy.  I wasn’t a “Candy Kid,” I just had a bracelet or two of brightly colored bead jewelry.


This bracelet came to Kethry and she gave it to me and it was too tight but now with my weightloss it fits more comfortably.  She was excited when she saw me wearing it.


She is just simply scrumptious, truly scrumptious and when I look at her I can truly understand that ear worm Sweet Child Of Mine…..  I picked her up and was holding her in my arms and because of my weight training and physical fitness regiment over the last 6 months, she was light.  She lamented that soon she would be too big for this but that it was ok for now.  My heart was like that first chocolate bunny clutched in your child’s death grip, where the solid milk chocolate is quickly losing its solidity and becoming a fluid. Yes, my heart melted as she said this and smiled at me, looking through her lashes.  She knows how to work it, how to wrap daddy around her finger.


So last night, I went over to MooSe’s and hung out with him for a bit.  Three of us played dominoes, which I had not done in 30 years.  It was awesome fun and reminded me of some of those long days in the group home playing.


So, I am no stranger to cancer, having had a girlfriend develop a lump in her breast and at the same time she was diagnosed with breast cancer she was also diagnosed with Lupus.  So I understand how devastating this diagnosis is and when my friend told me that his wife had recently been diagnosed, it sent me reeling.  What do you say to your friend?  I’m sorry sounds so damn contrite.  So I simply said, anything you or her need, anytime, day or night and I will be there for you.  This is the kind of friend I am, the kind of friend I will continue to be even when people I have treated this way decide not to treat me this way because this is the kind of person I want to be, this is how I want my friends and family to remember me.


This is me sitting in the Student Center at ARC doing homework, writing this blog and restoring data.  It is kind of funny to me that there are so few students here on Fridays and that there are so few classes here on Fridays.  Here’s to a good weekend.