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So ever since MooSe’s wife got sick and then my nephew hung himself I have had this growing sense of foreboding.  This anxiety that seems to come from nowhere and it has generally sapped my motivation. Last night, the diversion provided by the after-taste of In & Out has added to the anxiety with a feeling of impending doom which is new.

Thanfully, I have a weight training class in about 10 minutes to take my mind off of things and I will walk the bleachers on the way to class to drive my brain to motivate. Or that is the plan. Conversely, she liked the funny blog which makes me do little happy dances and will surely lead me to dance my way to class in a few minutes. Stoned and working out……

On the way to the class Cheek walked up and we walked to class happy and baked. In class I started with the dumbbells and did 10 sets of 10 instead of the normal 6. Ouch. But I can feel the difference in my body and when working out. But the machine reverse press is taking the hit as I have only done 6 reps of 10 and only 3.5 of them were at 110lbs. The others were at a lighter weight. Depression. Self hug. Hey, you have muscles dude. No shit.


So, I am no stranger to cancer, having had a girlfriend develop a lump in her breast and at the same time she was diagnosed with breast cancer she was also diagnosed with Lupus.  So I understand how devastating this diagnosis is and when my friend told me that his wife had recently been diagnosed, it sent me reeling.  What do you say to your friend?  I’m sorry sounds so damn contrite.  So I simply said, anything you or her need, anytime, day or night and I will be there for you.  This is the kind of friend I am, the kind of friend I will continue to be even when people I have treated this way decide not to treat me this way because this is the kind of person I want to be, this is how I want my friends and family to remember me.


This is me sitting in the Student Center at ARC doing homework, writing this blog and restoring data.  It is kind of funny to me that there are so few students here on Fridays and that there are so few classes here on Fridays.  Here’s to a good weekend.


There was this guy sitting in Starbucks and he was getting frustrated trying to install Office 2013 on his new Windows 8 Lenovo notebook. He had purchased both at Fry’s Electronics. The confusion came from the fact that Lenovo installed Office 2010 and it asks for a key and will accepy the 2013 key but it wony work.  You have to uninstall the 2010 preload. So I helped him get everything setup and found out he also goes to American River College.

I wondet how this would have turned out if I had not of helped him. This should not happen and Microsoft should work with OEMs to ensure that it doesn’t.  Morw then likely the purchaser would try to return it and be denied a refund. Then they would eat the cost.

Belts & Swag


The feeling of putting on a belt and finding out there are not enough holes is at the exact opposite end of the scale from putting on a bely and finding there are NOT enough holes. Think about iy for a second.  Today ia officially swag day as I am using and wearing a lot of swag from the RSA show.


So I guess crack and heroine are totally acceptable?