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My 2nd Birthday

So, I share the same birthday as my daughter Kethry which is amazingly awesome because it means that she will never forget my birthday nor will she ever forget me on her birthday.  It is something amazing and magical that we share that cannot be taken away from us and we cannot lose it.  So Sunday we had a party for her at Mc Bean Park and sent invitations out to her classmates.  I was a little nervous because we had only gotten one RSVP and were not totally sure they were going to show up.  Back in September, I took Kethry to one and she was the only classmate of this kid to show up.  Sad.  So, I was afraid this would happen and it would crush her.  I was so glad that I was wrong.

Three kids showed up which was excellent and the parents were excellent.  It was as much fun for me with the parents as it was for the kids.  We had a kit to make masks and each kid made a mask.

Haplo’s mask.

Yum! Strawberries!

Hardboiled Egg Races!

Kethry made the painting in the picture and Grandma found a place online that made the doll in her hand from the picture she drew.  This is some Princess that Kethry saw in a cartoon and likes.  Awesomeness!

So, it was really like a second birthday party for me as well.  I got a $50 Starbucks gift card!  So I get coffee for the next few months!

So this is my friend Lisa.  This is one of the best pictures I have of her and I remember the day this was taken as if it happened yesterday.  It was such an amazing day.

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This was taken at by the big red sculpture in Roseville near the Roseville Auto…

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My Town

In December of 2007, I moved to Lincoln, California.  My in-laws had previously moved to Sun City, Lincoln, a Del Webb Retirement community.  This is taken at the top of the Foothill that the community sits on and in front of.  This is the town where I live.


To truly see how impressive this view is, you need to click the picture and load the entire picture in to your browser and then scroll and look at it.  This was taken at about 6:30 – 7:00 PM as the sun was beginning to set.