So when I bought my HP Envy 17 3d notebook in 2011, I also bought the $350 priority warranty with accidental damage protection.  It sort of paid for itself in the first year because they swapped out the unit 4 times to resolve heat related issues.

Today my notebook did a humpty dumpty and fell off the hood of my car. My fault. I challenged Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of Gravity and lost. So I called HP and followed the voice prompts telling them the device was a notebook and an envy model. The automated system transferred me to a lady who spoke English as a second language and I told her I dropped it. From the follow-up questions I knew I was going to have a problem and 20 minutes later she admits she cannot handle envy calls and transfers me. The next guy doesn’t want to transfer me and when I finally get a supervisor, 10 minutes later I have a box on the way.

This is why I recommend paying for the insurance because accidents happen when you least expect it and these repairs would have costed at least the price of the warrany. I had been planning to send it in because the keyboard was showing wear in the most annoying way.