I went to San Francisco the weekend after my birthday to visit my friend. We went to this bar and these two women sitting at the table.next to me agreed to let me take their picture so I could post it on Facebook. Then one of them asked me to send me the picture and made a comment about this being a pick-up routine and before I could say it was not she added that she was married. It was not a pick-up routine and I posted it to Facebook.


But really it was just to share the adventures real time with my friends and followers on Facebook. I have an amazing group of Facebook friends that I have met via Facebook and friends of friends that I interact with regularly. I was in a political group the other day and another member and I were having a discussion and he admitted he creeped my wall and could see the photo which is shared with friends and friends of friends.


He explained that he knew one of the girls in the photograph and how they were good friends.  It is amazing how much smaller the world has become because of the internet in general and due to Facebook to be more precise.  Social Networking plays upon the real life links that were made popular in that game where you link Actor’s to Kevin Bacon.  People are beginning to realize this link really exists and it reminds me of the 80’s move starring Jon Cryer called No Small Affair and there is a line "Someone said, if you stand in one spot long enough, the whole world will pass by. I don’t know who said that, but he’s an idiot."

So in the middle of the 90’s, during the summer, I was thinking about graduation and how all of the people I knew would be in Ocean City and one night while I was at work this young girl came in to the store where I worked in Sacramento.  She looked familiar and I did not want to mention it because it is so often used as a come-on.  So I politely assisted her and when it came time to check out, she payed with a Check, which required me to check her ID.  It was an out of state check, from a bank in Maryland that had been my bank as a kid growing up.  Then I saw the name on the check and realized the last name was very familiar and I asked about the person I knew with the same last name.  She explained that it was her sister and then I explained that I had thought she looked familiar but I could not place where until now.


So the reason I wanted to take their picture was because they seemed to be having a great time together, just celebrating as only friends can.  The fact that they were attractive, friendly and in a really cool pub just added to the amazing interaction.  At one point, one of them asked me to send her the picture and gave me her number.  The other, said that this must be a pickup line for me and I laughed.  The one who I was sending the picture to informed me jokingly that she was married and I laughed because it was the furthest thing from my mind. 

So John, when you talk to your friend again, thank her for sharing her happiness with me because it was the weekend I was supposed to be celebrating my birthday but in reality I just went because my friend Mike just kept pestering me to do it.  Then when we landed at this bar I was unimpressed until they began the mustache game and then I was amused.  So thank them for making me smile.