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So we packed all the kids in the Escape and drove to San Francisco and it was a pleasant drive really and it turned out to be an awesome day in San Francisco.  It was about 75 degrees at the ocean partly cloudy.


These pictures are taken across the street from my father in-law’s house on the Lower Great Highway in San Francisco.


The ice plant, a succulant, is used for erosion control and its in full bloom. Smile


I stood on top of the dunes and spun in a circle taking pictures.


The air is so clean and fresh, the wind and noise of the ocean drown out all the other sounds.


It’s peaceful.




The amazing city of SF in the background.


If you look closely you can see the ‘red’ and ‘yellow’ house on the beach where my father-in law lives.


More of the city.


Two people having sex.  Oops.  Yep.


Oh, they get to loving long time. Surprised smile

This situation much like quite a few other sensational news stories has been mishandled by the press, by law enforcement, etc.  You and I both know that if this were a situation in which an African American Male, with a prior record for assaulting police, were in a similar situation and it was a white or hispanic victim that this entire situation would have unfolded differently.  You can say what you want about it as an argument, but I have something on my side that trumps your opinion:  Experience.  Over and over and over.  I have seen and unfortunately been a part of interaction with Oakland and San Francisco PD and US Park Rangers more often in my life then I had my entire existence previously.  This is where political correctness and the pussification of America converge and we get things like the MMA and loss of freedom.  Until you can tell me that you have ever been the only white person at a house party in an all black neighborhood at night when someone screams out in the middle of your set that 5 white lax players had raped two black chicks.  I will be honest, A single bead of sweat ran down the nape of my neck, down my spine and down my butt crack which seemed to take an eternity as I mixed my way through the 30 second intro.  When the MC, someone I had known for a few years began to let loose his skill on the mesh of steel, that’s when I took a deep breath and scratched my way in to the chorus.  It wasn’t that case, I don’t remember exactly what it was that happened during that set.  I just remember that I was the only white person surrounded by about 290 black people.  My crew was 10 strong.  The first thought is like, wow, this is almost like that old movie “The Warriors” which is one of my all-time favorite movies.  Keep in mind all of this is occurring during the 30 second intro to our first set.  So it all takes place in about 45 seconds of time that seems like an eternity.  Nothing happened.  The only thing I can contribute that to is that music can be a powerfully binding force.

Everyone who has been able to use this situation to either jumpstart their career or somehow grab some of the media attention on this subject has chimed in.  You have the people who aren’t prejudiced and cannot imagine anyone who is combined with those who are prejudiced and believe everyone is denying that there is any bias being displayed.  Then you have the media telling us it was the evil white man doing it to the black man again.  Except it wasn’t a white man this time, it was someone Hispanic.  Add to this that we have someone who wants to act like a cop without having the same training or possessing the authority necessary.

My first job outside of YMCA and the Community College Computer Department was working at High’s over by Johnnycake Jr. High School.  The first thing they taught us was that in the event of a robbery always say Yes Sir and No Sir and give them everything they want.  If they want a sandwich make them the best sandwich you could ever make.  Every retail position that handled money I have ever worked has always said the same thing, never risk your life for merchandise or money.  It makes perfect sense because it is insured and its cheaper for the insurance company to pay for the lost money then it is for someone being shot or worse.  This has become the Industry Best Practices for dealing with robbery.

I deal with industry best practices all the time because most of those guidelines deal with setting up security to protect without hindering your users.  Security must be able to maintain the integrity of your data while providing you unfettered access to it at anytime from anywhere which is a seemingly impossible task.  Best practices dictate how to achieve this goal using various products depending upon the finances and needs of your client.  Just like there are idiot’s guides for everything from masturbation to using Facebook there are also best practices for almost everything especially Neighborhood Watches because these are regulated differently in each state, county and state often differently.  Someone somewhere has a best practices guide and more then likely the regulatory agency has just such a beast.

I can tell you without looking at the one for George’s area that he was not acting in accordance with the best practices and recommended procedures which more then likely were what the original founders intended.  The moment George got out of his car and began pursuit of Trayvon he began violating every principal of Neighborhood watch.  Perception is everything, just watch the movie Tucker & Dale vs. Evil as it proves my point!